National Institute for Family, Youth and Population Policy
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National Institute for Family, Youth and Population Policy

National Institute for Family, Youth and Population Policy

The Institute is one of the supporting organisations of the Ministry of Human Capacities. As a background institution, it is responsible for managing and facilitating social and family policies, child protection matters, equal opportunities, youth affairs and drug prevention strategies. Major activities in the Institute are the following: scientific research, methodological development and services, statistical and information services; besides these principal activities they participate in the preparation and implementation of the related development programmes.

The professional work in the Institute is organised and implemented by three Directorates.

Directorate for Family Policy and Research

The main objectives of the Directorate and its two Departments (Department for Family Policy and Research Department) cover the family policies and social equal opportunities matters of the Ministry of Human Capacities and help their implementation both direct and indirect way. The Directorate does its work in cooperation with the other Directorates in the Institute.

Directorate for Education

The primary aim of the three Departments in the Directorate (Department for Vocational Trainings, Department for Trainings and Department for Educational Standards) is the development of human resources in the social sector, the management of the continuous professional education system in social field and the supervision of education standards of professional courses and trainings.

Besides these priorities, the management of operational records for social workers and organising of non-formal trainings also belong to the responsibilities of the Directorate.

Directorate for Youth Affairs

The Directorate manages and implements the youth and drug prevention matters in the Institute and supports the Ministry of Human Resources in the implementation and evaluation of policies and youth affairs.

The Directorate has two Departments: National Bureau for Drug Prevention and Erasmus+ Youth National Agency.

There are three departments under the control of the Office of Director-General:

Application Management Department

The main responsibility of this Department is managing applications in youth affairs, drug and family policies.

Strategic Group

The  main responsibility of the Group is participation in the preparation of decision-making for the State Secretariat for Family and Youth Affairs and the State Secretariat for Social Affairs.

National Crisis Aid and Information Service (OKIT) – it supports victims in cases of violence (violence in relationships, child abuse, domestic violence), human trafficking or prostitution. The service is available round-the-clock, via a freephone. 06-80-20-55-20.

Buda Béla Library of Social Sciences is also at the Institute. The library has a wide range of collection in the following topics and fields:

-          Child and Youth Matters

-          Youth Sociology

-          Youth Policies 

-          Child and Youth Protection

-          Social Policies

-          Family Protection

-          Disabled People

-          Equal opportunities

-          Antipoverty policies

-          Ethnicities

is the official magazine of the Institute, which is published quarterly. The magazine reached the 13th volume this year. Its name, the ‘Kapocs’ (Clip) carries a multiple meanings. The most significant one of these meanings signals the link between theory and practice. The magazine focuses on the following areas: social policies, family policies, child protection, anti-drug policies.



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